Isolation Mount  Sound Reduction

Isolation Mounts are typically attached to the base of equipment needing shock and vibration reduction. They incorporate E.A.R. C-1002 material, a highly efficient energy absorbing material. The E.A.R. material has a most effective damping impedance ability, and thus represents an exceptional material to absorb vibrational energy.

  • Economic, simple design
  • Ease of installation, easy replacement
  • Eliminates the necessity for periodic adjustment
  • Minimum weight and size
  • Isolation mounts can be painted; are water, oil, weather and flame resistant
  • Have anti-skid properties
  • Designed for temperatures to 150 degrees F


Isolator Sizes Available:

  • 4250 - Ideal load is 50 lbs per isolation
  • 42100 - Ideal load is 100 lbs per isolation
  • 42200 - Ideal load is 200 lbs per isolation
  • 42500 - Ideal load is 500 lbs per isolation
  • 421000 - Ideal load is 1000 lbs per isolation
  • 421000-A - Used as top or non-load bearing isolator only

Note: These part number reflect only the isolator and not the bracket or hardware (See Options for complete mounting bracket assemblies). Selection chart for ideal loads and mounting options is located in click here!


Isolation mounts may be purchased separately or in assemblies. See assembly options below:

  • 4250-MB-(L)
  • 42100-MB-(L)
  • 42200-MB-(L)
  • 42500-MB-(L)
  • 421000-MB-(L)

Note: The standard mounting bracket (MB) assembly consists of two pieces of Isolation Mounts, one mounting bracket, one steel washer, and one lock nut. Add -(L) to the mounting bracket assembly part number for leveling nut and two heavy duty steel washers. For a selection chart for ideal loads and mounting options, click here!

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