Curved Jaw Shaft Coupling  by Guardian

Guardian Coupling is a maintenance free, axial plug-in, easy assembly curved jaw coupling. It also compensates for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignments. Guardian has provided unmatched reliability and efficiency in the most demanding applications.

  • Vast selection of hub materials: Aluminum, Sintered Steel, Plain Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Urethane and Hytrel spiders
  • Maintenance free and fail safe design
  • Three hub designs, (regular,large,long) to fit your requirements


  • Standard Style Couplings - Aluminum hubs available up to size 48/60; Sintered Steel hubs available from size 19/24 to 28/38; Plain Steel hubs available from size 38/45 to 90/100, and Stainless Steel hubs available from size 24/32 to 48/60
  • JF K33 and JF K30 Style Couplings - Perfect for heavy machinery; Allows radial disassembly without moving machine components; AFN allows spider replacement while coupling is installed; Flange materials: Machined Steel and Nodular Iron (See More Info for detail)
  • JF K10, JF K20, JF K11 and JF K22 Style Couplings - Perfect for heavy machinery; JF K10 and JF K20 connect flange to shaft; JF K11 & JF K22 has double flange design to connect machine components, allow radial assembly without moving components and allow for quick spider replacement
  • CJ KDK(S) Style Couplings - Assembly/disassembly through just 4 cap screws; compensates for high shaft misalignment; standard spacers up to 250mm shaft gap; reduces vibration and noise
  • Clamping Hub Style Couplings - Machined steel hubs; Statically balanced hubs; Axial plug-in, fail safe design
  • CJ KDO Style Couplings - Assembly/disassembly through just 4 cap screws; Easy spider changes without moving components (motor & pump); Reduces vibration and noise
  • Stainless Steel Style Couplings - Corrosion resistant; Ideal for Food Processing Machinery, Printing and Paper Equipment, Textile Machinery, Water Treatment Plants, Power Washing Equipment, Pharmaceutical Plants, Offshore Equipment and Military Applications
  • CJ KDK(1) Style Couplings - Double cardanic design for extended shaft gap and parallel misalignment; Increased dampening capacity with double spiders; Center drop-out design allows easy parts replacement; machined aluminum center spacer


Hub Types:

  • Straight Shaft Hubs
  • Splined Shaft Hubs with Cross-Clamp
  • Tapered Shaft Hubs

Hub Materials and Sizes:

  • Materials: Aluminum, Plain Steel & Stainless Steel (Note: Not all sizes are available in all material options)
  • Three hub designs to fit your requirements: Regular (low mass), Large (larger bores) and Long (extended shaft gaps)

Insert Material Options:

  • 80Sh-A Blue
  • 92Sh-A White
  • 98Sh-A Red
  • 64Sh-D Green