Frequently asked questions about BSF Adaptors.

BSF part numbers / what do they mean?
Part Number Info

Definition of Assignments

Weldment: Space used for raw material designation

Type: Assemblies, Components only, Stand alone parts

Design: Horizontal, Vertical, several other styles

Consecutive Numbering System per Design Code: BSF’s internal numbering system

Access Hole Options: No access hole, Standard, Rectangular (various sizes), Round (various sizes), Cutout (various sizes), Oblong (various sizes), etc.

Configuration Options: Paint color, drain holes, inlet/outlet, various welding & other processes.

Does BSF have inventory or stock adaptors?

Adaptors are all custom / built-to-order and not stocked.

Does BSF have inventory or stock couplings?

BSF is proud to be one of the largest stocking distributors of Magnaloy couplings in the United States. We have many standard and some non-standard couplings in stock; please contact our customer service department at sales@bsfinc.net or (937) 890-6121 for availability.

Why do you need pump make & model #’s?

SAE designations do not call out every dimension necessary for BSF to design a housing. Ex: a SAE C keyed long shaft (32-1) is 3" long; however, how far that shaft extends from the pump mounting face is not specified and can vary depending on pump manufacturer. This information is important for BSF to design the adaptor with the proper internal clearances and face-to-face dimension for your specific application. Therefore, it is necessary for the design team to know a pump’s full model number or flange and shaft codes.

Can BSF use my drawing to manufacture a part?

BSF will accept existing drawings, however all drawings are reviewed to make sure we can meet your material and machining requirements. BSF may require substitutions or drawing revisions in order to produce the requested part.

Why is the shaft gap larger than expected?

The face-to face dimension of an adaptor is determined by considering many factors, one of which is the coupling spider. We allow for the motor and pump shafts to achieve full shaft engagement if possible without entering the space within the spider while at the same time allowing clearance between the coupling and the pump pilot (or the inside of the adaptor pump end flange, whichever the case might be). Sometimes this creates a shaft gap that is larger than what might be shown on the coupling literature as a recommended gap. For example the “X” dimension shown in the Magnaloy literature (max shaft gap) is shown for illustrative purposes only and is not necessary for satisfactory performance of the coupling.

Magnaloy Technical Bulletin #9006

What are BSF’s standard tolerances for pump motor adaptors?

Fabricated Pump Motor Adaptors shall be machined within the following tolerances: Finished mounting face to finished mounting face shall be nominal dimension, - 0.060", +0.060". Pilot diameter concentricity of one end flange with the opposite end flange shall be within 0.003" TIR. Parallelism of one end flange mounting face with the mounting face of the opposite end flange shall be within 0.003" TIR; for diameters up to 18" and within 0.005" TIR; for diameters up to 27" flatness of the mounting surface of each end flange shall be within 0.003" TIR.

The following tolerances apply unless otherwise specified above or on the print form.

Does BSF have distributors for their products?

We deal directly with customers worldwide and do not utilize distributors because of the custom nature of our products.

What is BSF’s quoting policy?

Quotes requested by phone or by email are usually provided within a 24-hour period; however, depending on the engineering involved in the design, additional time may be required.

Adaptor quotes: BSF requires some basic information about the components being used with the part you are requesting. For example; motor frame size, pump make & model number and coupling make & model number.

Quotes generated by our online CONFIGURATOR are provided automatically within a three to five minute timeframe. These quotes include a quote, drawing and 3D drawing. Click here to launch our Configurator. Configurator quotes can only produce standard adaptors at this time.*

*If you have unusual components, a dimensional sheet is appreciated. Click on QUOTES from the HOME page at www.bsfinc.net to get a quote request started; or call our customer service department and we can walk you through the process.

What is BSF’s order acknowledgment / purchase order policy?

BSF processes new purchase orders each business day. Customers will receive an order acknowledgment that includes a copy of the original order, scheduled ship date, acceptance and/or noting any price or part number discrepancies. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours, please contact our customer service department at sales@bsfinc.net or (937) 890-6121.

What are BSF’s lead times?

In-stock couplings are available to ship immediately.

Lovejoy couplings are available on average: 7-10 working days.

Guardian couplings are available on average: 10-20 working days depending on size.

BSF standard adaptors are available on average: 10-12 working days.

BSF special orders could have increased lead times.

What is BSF’s shipping procedure?

BSF can ship anywhere in the world.

BSF can dropship directly to your customer in most circumstances, and may include a minimum order requirement.

*Please contact our customer service department at sales@bsfinc.net or (937) 890-6121 for details for your specific order.

Does BSF offer expedite service?

Expedite service is available ONLY for pre-approved orders. Materials, processes and capacity can affect expediting availability. When expedited service IS approved, fees will be determined per part and date needed. Please contact our customer service department at sales@bsfinc.net or (937) 890-6121 for pre-approval.

What are BSF’s payment terms?

• All invoices are due Net 30 days

• CIA is required if there is a history of slow payments.

• A wire transfer fee of $100.00 is applied to customers outside of North America.

• All funds are required to be in U.S. dollars

What is BSF's cancellation policy?

BSF has the right to charge a cancellation fee if your order is in the production phase. These charges will vary based on the material and processes completed at the time of cancellation. Please contact our customer service department at sales@bsfinc.net or (937) 890-6121 as soon as possible, to avoid unnecessary charges.

What is BSF's return policy?

ADAPTORS: Built-to-order adaptors are generally not accepted; however, there are a few sizes that can be returned with a restocking charge.

COUPLINGS: BSF is a distributor for Magnaloy, Guardian, & Lovejoy couplings and there are some that may be returned with a restocking charge. Special orders and non-standard bore sizes are non-returnable. Please contact our customer service department at sales@bsfinc.net or (937) 890-6121 to qualify for returns. All returns must be preapproved and receive an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) #.

Does BSF offer replacements?

LABELS: replacement labels are available by request – a minimal shipping charge may apply.

COVERS for access holes: replacement covers can be provided at a minimal cost; please contact our customer service department at sales@bsfinc.net or (937) 890-6121 and provide the following information:

• The adaptor part number that the cover was on

• The access hole size, shape and the pipe size it fits on

What does BSF’s warranty include?

BSF manufactured products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. In the event of a manufacturers defect, BSF agrees to replace or repair (at the discretion of BSF) the BSF manufactured product, without charge for either parts or labor.

This warranty does not include the cost of labor required to remove or install a replacement product. Nor does it include any associated expenses such as the cost of consequential damage to any other components due to the failure of a BSF manufactured product. BSF is not responsible for damage to a BSF manufactured product due to accident, misuse, abuse, lack of reasonable care or loss of parts.

Does BSF guarantee their housings?

We guarantee mating of all housings designed by BSF however, because there are endless amounts of unknown variables for each application, your design will need to be reviewed and verified for specifics to assure that it will work with your entire power unit assembly. BSF will work in conjunction with your engineers to come up with the best possible design for your application.