Magnaloy® Shaft Coupling

MAGNALOY® Coupling is the original lightweight, heavy-duty, flexible drive coupling. Lightweight magnesium construction makes these couplings 75% lighter than cast iron and 36% lighter than aluminum units...and stronger than either.

  • Reduces loads on bearings, shafts, and pumps for longer component life
  • Close machining tolerances assure vibration free operation
  • Offers highest strength to weight ratio
  • Rust proof and corrosion resistant
  • Easy handling and installation
  • Flexible inserts: Neoprene, Nitrile, Urethane, Viton, Hytrel and EPDM (for Skydrol)


Hub Types:

  • Straight Shaft Hubs - Bore sizes range from 3/8" diameter to 4-3/4" diameter. (Although Cross-clamping and Steel Bushings are designed primary for splined shaft applications, they are also available on most smooth bored & keyed hubs.
  • Splined Shaft Hubs - Spline designations SAE A, B, C, D, E, F, B-B and C-C are available as well as many special and metric splines.
  • Splined Shaft Hubs with Cross-Clamp - Developed to compensate for variations in spline formation methods and tolerances. Assures centering of the coupling and positive retention on the shaft. The clamp feature is suggested for all splined couplings.
  • Splined Shaft Hubs with Steel Bushing and Cross-Clamp - The steel bushing offers added spline tooth strength and wear resistance of steel.

Insert Material Options: (see More Info for additional detail)

  • Neoprene - (Code N) - Black Material
  • Nitrile - (Buna N) (Code B) - Painted Blue Material
  • Urethane - (Code U) - Yellow Material
  • Viton - (Fluorocarbon) (Code V) - Red Material
  • Hytrel - (Code H) - Blue-Green Material
  • EPDM - (Code E)

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