GUARDEX™ Shaft Coupling

GUARDEX™ Coupling is a superior design of a torsionally stiff gear coupling with a specially designed molded nylon sleeve. Its compact and lightweight design yields high torque, low inertia and minimum shaft gap to close-coupled applications.

  • Minimum fit-up backlash and no internal frictional losses or heat build-up
  • Nylon and metal components allow operation in high ambients without lubrication or maintenance
  • Blind assembly and slip-together make for easy inspection and adjustment without disassembly
  • Nylon sleeves resist dirt, moisture, most chemicals and petroleum products
  • There are no seals or retainers to maintain and they don't need lubrication
  • 1/2HP to 600HP
  • 3/8" to 4-1/2" Bores with keyways


  • M and I Style Couplings - Double crowned tooth gear couplings

    Nylon Sleeve
    Steel Hubs
    Three-Piece Construction

    Coupling has additional axial travel for DEMAG brake motors.
    Sleeve held to one hub with snap rings.
    Opposite hub has free axial travel up to .500"
    Special hub length available.


  • Metric, Standard & Spline Bores available