GUARDEX™ Shaft Coupling

GUARDEX™ Coupling is a superior design of a torsionally stiff gear coupling with a specially designed molded nylon sleeve. Its compact and lightweight design yields high torque, low inertia and minimum shaft gap to close-coupled applications.

  • Minimum fit-up backlash and no internal frictional losses or heat build-up
  • Nylon and metal components allow operation in high ambients without lubrication or maintenance
  • Blind assembly and slip-together make for easy inspection and adjustment without disassembly
  • Nylon sleeves resist dirt, moisture, most chemicals and petroleum products
  • There are no seals or retainers to maintain and they don't need lubrication
  • 1/2HP to 600HP
  • 1/4" to 4-7/8" Bores


  • M and I Style Couplings - Double crowned tooth gear couplings
  • AS and I-Special Style Couplings - Snap ring design
  • SD Style Couplings - Shift-able at Stand Still
  • SA Style Couplings - 316 TI Stainless steel hubs and nylon sleeves
  • JR Style Couplings - All nylon hubs and sleeves


  • Straight Shaft Hubs - Sintered metal with oil quench; Plain Steel hubs available in sizes 65, 80; Stainless steel hubs available in sizes 14 thru 48
  • Splined Shaft Hubs with Cross-Clamp - Maximum clamping power does not damage shaft splines; SAE and DIN (Metric) bores available.
  • Tapered Shaft Hubs - Tapered bores require drilled and tapped shaft; Special hub lengths are available.