Adaptor Sound Reduction  Steel

BSF offers a variety of SOUND REDUCTION options for all of our adaptor styles. These innovative options reduce noise and vibration. (The version shown is the Horizontal Sound Reduction (SAB) style with the style D dampening ring attached)

  • Sturdy welded STEEL construction
  • Options for reducing sound amplification from pump to motor
  • Horizontal and Vertical solutions
  • Multiple options can be used together to maximize sound reduction
  • Economical and Space-saving



  • Available with paint options (Standard Red ~ or ~ Grey, Yellow, Black or Gloss Black)
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Material
  • Custom size access hole(s)
  • Drain hole(s)

More Info

  • Standard Adaptor Material: ASTM A53 Grade B ERW pipe and ASTM Grade A36 steel plate for the end flanges.
  • Standard S.A.B. Material: Four layer construction (See Attached Technical Data)
  • Standard Gasket & Bushing Material: Solid Homogeneous Vinyl Thermoplastic Alloy (See Attached Technical Data)
  • Damping Rings (D & DT/DTV): Vulcanized and Failsafe (See Attached Technical Data)

Technical Data Sheets