Sound Suppressor

The in-line Suppressor is a bi-directional device that reduces noise, shock, and vibration. The suppressor consists of three concentric, cylindrical metal noise baffles or diffusers inside a nitrogen-charged tubular rubber bladder. The suppressor reduces hydraulic noise by up to 60%, pulsations by up to 90%, shock by up to 90%. It stops the noise before it increases as it travels through the piping and radiates off other structural components.

  • Comes in all pipe sizes - from 3/8" N.P.T. to 2" N.P.T., and all tube sizes - from .375" to 2.0". Flange connections are available for large sizes.
  • 3000 psi or 5000 psi
  • Easy to size and install
  • No engineering required
  • Inexpensive and Compact
  • Helps to meet OSHA noise standards
  • Bi-directional part. Suppressor does not need to be assembled in a certain direction.


  • 3000 psi Suppressors for N.P.T. Thread & Straight Thread Connections (rated for oil operation) - Suppressors for Pipe Thread Connections N.P.T. size 0.375" through 2.000" and Straight Thread Connections Tube size 0.375" thru 2.000"
  • 3000 psi Suppressors for Flange Mountings - Suppressors with Code 61 and Code 62 Split Flanges. (Flanges should be ordered as a separate item).
  • 3000 psi Stainless Steel Suppressors (for water and chemical operation) - Suppressors for Pipe Thread Connections N.P.T. size 0.75" through 1.5" and Straight Thread Connections Tube size 0.750" through 1.500". All welded parts are 304 Stainless Steel. The tubing is electro-less nickel plated on the inside and outside. The standard bladder material is Buna N, although special bladders are available (See Options).
  • 5000 psi Suppressor Straight Thread Connections and SAE Code 62 Split Flanges (for high pressure oil operation) - Suppressors for Straight Thread Connections Tube size 0.750" through 1.500" and SAE Code 62 Split Flange size 0.75" through 2.00".


Bladder Materials:

  • Standard bladder material is high temperature HNBR -50 degrees to +300 degrees F
  • Butyl, Viton or EPR bladders are also available for special applications

Spare Parts:

  • Steel Body, Charging Valve, Tube Face O-ring, Tube OD O-ring, End Port O-ring, End Port, Diffuser and Bladder are available, although rarely needed due to the non-moving mechanical parts design of the suppressor
  • Mounting Clamps - Available in a variety of sizes
  • Complete Charging Assembly - Consists of a charging valve, gauge and hose. The Charging valve, gauge and hose may also be purchased separately.

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