BSF Bolt-on Base Adaptor Assemblies allow the adaptor to help support both the weight of the pump and motor. The overhanging load of the pump is not imposed on the motor flange.

  • Sturdy welded STEEL construction
  • Pump to Pump applications (hydraulic motors to hydraulic pumps)
  • Footless motor installations, including Electric, Hydraulic, and Servo
  • Applications where a large pump is driven by a relatively small motor such as in low pressure-high volume fluid transfer applications
  • Applications that require the removal or replacement of the electric motor without disturbing the hydraulic pump or piping
  • Multiple tandem pumps
  • Heavy duty motors
  • Excessive overhung loads (Please note that if you have concerns regarding the length or weight of your application, you may need to consider additional supports under your components.)



  • Available with paint options (Standard Red ~ or ~ Grey, Yellow, Black or Gloss Black)
  • Custom size access hole(s)
  • Customized bases
  • Custom centerline heights

More Info

  • The BSF Bolt-On Base Assembly includes the BSF Adaptor, the Bolt-On Base, and the hardware that bolts the base to the adaptor.
  • Standard Material: ASTM A53 Grade B ERW pipe and ASTM Grade A36 steel plate for end flanges