Engineered Solution

Project Details:

Goal: Design a BSF Adaptor with a Bolt-on Base for testing hydraulic motors and pumps which allows for the measurement of any leaking from the shaft seals.

Factors: The design traps and separates any fluid leaking from one motor/pump to the other motor/pump. The NPT holes allow for drain lines to go into separate containers for fluid measurement.

How we did it: Mounting plates are used on both ends of the Adaptor along with O-rings to contain any fluid leakage and allows it to collect inside the bottom of the Adaptor.
The inside bottom of the Adaptor is constructed with a divider wall to separate the fluid leakage.
Small plates are added to the bottom of Adaptor for 2 NPT holes.
The Adaptor is made using oil-tight welds.
The bolt-on base design uses mounting bolts on the adaptor sides.

Watch Video Animation Below