Engineered Solution

Project Details:

Goal: Design a horizontal pump-motor group with the pump in tank. Design must allow servicing of the coupling without draining the tank.

Factors: We must seal the pump into the tank separate from the inside of the adaptor. The adaptor must also seal to the tank to achieve the goal. To aid in replacement of the couplings, shaft collars are used at the initial setup for easy maintenance.

How we did it: We thickened the motor end of the adaptor to conceal nuts and lock washers to mount the adaptor to the tank. An O-ring was used on the pump pilot, and the motor end of the adaptor used a gasket to seal to the outside of the tank. The bolts to hold the motor and adaptor in place must be fully welded to the inside of the tank. This allows the motor to be removed, for maintenance while maintaining a full tank.

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