Engineered Solution

Project Details:

Goal: Connect a 1500 HP WEG Motor to a newly designed Rexroth A4VHO/450 Hydraulic Pump in a tandem orientation.

Factors: Design a BSF Adaptor capable of handling 1500 HP at about 1200 RPM’s which translates to about 79,000 lbf-in torque. We utilized a KTR Rotex 125 Nodular Iron Coupling with the 98 SH A (T-PUR Purple®) Spider Insert capable of 88,507 lbf-in maximum torque.

How we did it: We designed this BSF Adaptor based on our existing design practices along with SolidWorks Premium we were able to perform a stress analysis to ensure that this design would not fail in the field.

Watch Video Animation Below